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At Waterfront financial Group we construct your investment portfolio after an extensive analysis of your risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon. After ascertaining these factors, we design an investment strategy to meet your needs, based on your investor profile.

Strategies for Preservation and Growth

  • We focus on balancing the objectives of preservation and growth by managing your risk vs. reward tradeoff with predictable, sustainable portfolio strategies.
  • We provide you the opportunity to grow your wealth and protect your principal by creating diversified client portfolios utilizing sophisticated investment strategies tailored to individual needs.
  • Our Income for Life Model® is an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income for life.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not ensure against market risk.

Tax Strategies

Nearly all financial decisions have tax ramifications. Our experienced advisors work to coordinate the various aspects of your financial and investment plans to employ tax-efficient strategies aligned with achieving your overall financial goals.

I want to learn more about investment strategies designed to provide Income for Life.