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Our goal is to help ensure you will have the income and resources you need to live the life you want now and throughout your years in retirement.
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Discover how our Income for Life Model® can help you achieve your goals

As life spans increase and interest rates remain low, creating durable streams of retirement income that will last 25 or more years can be challenging. Retirement risk factors including “Sequence of Returns” play a significant role in determining how long your income will last. The risk you face is that if your portfolio declines due to market activity while you are taking income, your portfolio may not last the duration of your retirement.

Waterfront Financial Group specializes in helping you overcome today’s retirement challenges through developing a realistic strategy designed to provide “income for life.”

What is The Income for Life Model®?

The Income for Life Model® is an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income during and throughout your years in retirement.

The strategy allocates assets in a manner that places a heavy emphasis on guaranteed* streams of income that continue over long periods of time.

Learn how the Income for Life Model® works.

How can Waterfront Financial Group help me achieve my retirement income goals?

Using creative tools and flexible, outcome-focused strategies, our knowledgeable team has the experience to develop strategies designed to protect and grow your wealth, while striving to provide you with an income for life. We incorporate a diverse menu of investment services and products designed to address your specific needs.

Our goal is to successfully guide you along the path toward financial independence that will provide you an income for the rest of your life. You can count on us to develop and manage a plan that prepares you for retirement and preserves your legacy for future generations.

Find out how an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income for life may help you achieve your long-term goals. Learn how the Income for Life Model® works.

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The Income For Life Model® may consist of investment products that are subject to the potential loss of principal.