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IDFA Divorce Survival GuideOverview

The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide will help readers make better decisions, saving them time, money, and emotional stress.  Each chapter offers answers to the most common divorce questions – from filing for divorce to property division to child custody to spousal support – as well as useful checklists and worksheets to help to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.Written by nationally-recognized experts in simple, concise language, this book will help readers avoid the common pitfalls of divorce and take control of their futures.

The Guide includes: how to find the right lawyer – and how to avoid the wrong ones; the difference between mediation, arbitration, collaboration, and litigation; how to reduce the amount of taxes you’ll pay; how IRAs and QDROs work; vital information about child and spousal support; the difference between “martial property” and “separate property”; who should keep the house; five key factors the court will consider when granting custody; the relationship between child support and visitation; how to handle joint debts;key documents and questions to bring to a meeting with your lawyer; advice from a judge on going to court; five state-by-state charts outlining your legal rights and responsibilities; and 20 useful checklists and worksheets.


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