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Divorce Attorneys we can refer you to:


Gilbert Alden | Attorneys Advocates
(612) 564-0137
Gilbert Alden
Specializing in high net worth and complex cases. Expect every resource at our command, all the experience we possess and the collective talent of every member of our team. On your side. At your side.
Contact Beth Wiberg Barbosa | Gilbert Alden PLLC
Tressler Law, LLC
(763) 398-3330
Tressler Law Firm
Tressler Law has outstanding attorneys experienced in dealing with complicated family dynamics and complex financial situations in divorce proceedings. We represent clients with basic assets as well as clients with complex/high asset situations dealing with businesses and properties in the US and abroad.
Nicole Billings | Solution-Focused Family Law, LLC
(952) 923-4142
Nicole Billings
Visit www.solutionsfamilylaw.com to learn more.
Written QDRO | Minnesota Family Lawyers
(612) 605-6103

Specializing in the complicated area of preparation and implementation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) – the division of retirement assets in connection with a divorce.
Contact Lisa Meier – Meier | Schack
Moss & Barnett
(612) 877-5000

How do you measure value in a law firm? We believe clients know it when they experience it. Moss & Barnett listens closely to clients and understands the value they seek. Our team approach, technology strategies, and direct style of representation contribute to our value proposition to clients.
Contact James Vedder | Moss & Barnett or
Contact Jana Aune Deach | Moss & Barnett

*Waterfront Financial Group and LPL Financial are not affiliated with the above-listed Law Firms.


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®:

Waterfront Financial Group
Waterfront Financial Group
(952) 236-1755
Mark C. Hegstrom, AIF, CDFA is a financial adviser who specializes in helping people rebuild after a divorce. If you are in the process of getting a divorce or have been recently divorced, consider a financial advisor who understands how to financially manage and rebuild.
Email mark.hegstrom@waterfrontfinancialgroup.com
or call (952) 236-1755 to schedule a consultation.


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Why should you use a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor (CDFA)?

How Much Does It Cost?
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Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts issues certification for financial advisors (CDFA) completing coursework and successfully passing four exams. A CDFA has a unique understanding of the financial aspects of divorce. Some of the areas that a CDFA has knowledge include:

  • Personal vs. Marital Property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Retirement plans, pensions, and QDROs
  • Splitting the house
  • Tax problems and solutions
  • Providing litigation support to attorneys
  • Serving as a financial expert on divorce cases
  • Presenting powerful data to back up an argumanet
  • Educating clients on financial implications of divorce, and
  • Different settlement proposals


Request a Free Copy of the IDFA Divorce Survival Guide Now!

The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide“The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide” is a book that provides answers to more than 150 questions about your rights before, during and after a divorce, including:

  • Property Distribution
  • Marital Assets and Debt
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • Retirement Benefits, and much more.

Order your free copy of The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide today from Waterfront Financial Group ($25.00 value), click here.

Request Your Free Copy of The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide Here.

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