401(k) & Corporate Retirement Plans

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Waterfront Financial Group understands the challenges companies face today in offering competitive and cost-effective retirement plan benefits. Burdensome plan administration and fiduciary oversight combined with benefit cost overruns distract and even undermine core business objectives. We believe your time and energy is better spent running a successful business that allows you to retain and reward key employees.

We bring years of experience in helping small businesses, franchise owners and corporations develop and implement competitive, cost-effective retirement plans and investment education aligned with specific business goals and objectives. We’re confident we can help put you and your employees on the path to pursuing retirement success as well.

Our Retirement Plan Consulting Services include:

  • Provider Due Diligence
  • Development and Implementation of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Due Diligence, Selection and Monitoring
  • Expense Comparison and Benchmarking Reports
  • 404(c) Compliance Reviews
  • Annual Plan Investment Reviews
  • Participant / Employee Education and Communication

Retirement Seminars | Employee Education

Our employee education seminars have proven time and again that engaging content and speakers can drive positive employee behaviors, helping to:

  • Increase overall plan participation
  • Drive deferral increases
  • Improve participant allocations
  • Raise plan visibility and awareness
  • Set realistic retirement savings goals and expectations

I’m interested in pricing out my 401K plan

401(k) – Defined Contribution Plans | Defined Benefit Plans
SEP IRAs | Non-qualified Executive Compensation Plans

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