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Mark Hegstrom is a founder and principal in the Waterfront Financial Group LLC. Mark has been a financial advisor and financial planner since 2001. Mark works with individuals and families who are in transition. These life’s transitions include people who are rebuilding after a divorce, maintaining independence after the loss of a loved one, changing jobs or careers, getting married and starting a family, and preparing and going into retirement. Mark believes that each transition in life is unique to that person, and draws from his experience with others to put together a solution that is specific to every situation. Mark has a passion for retirement income planning. He works with several companies to put in place a retirement plan. He meets with every employee, every year, as he feels it is his responsibility to help people saving in a company retirement plan to not only maximize the benefit, but save to specifically work toward their retirement goals. He helps people to figure out what kind of retirement they want, calculate how much they have now and figures out how much they need to save to get to get there. Mark writes, manages and implements the Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation strategies for the Waterfront Financial Group. These allocations are part of a comprehensive financial planning approach that provides a tailor-made investment strategy for each client. As an “Income Distribution Specialist,” Mark’s focus is not only on the preservation of capital, but putting together unique strategies for clients to provide an income stream in retirement that they cannot outlive. Mark is an excellent public speaker and puts on workshops and seminars around the country on how to put a paycheck in the mailbox for life. Mark is an avid golfer, loves the outdoors and spending time with his family. One of his hobbies is being a voice-over. He has one of those deep voices that has a radio-type quality. In his studio at home, he practices reading popular commercials and reading and recording short stories. Mark enjoys using Waterfront Financial Group’s weekly blog articles as a chance to communicate financial information through audio, and has fun editing it down to short, powerful audio vignettes. Mark is very active in his local Rotary Club and has served on the District level in several capacities, and is slated to become District Governor in the 2016-2017 Rotary year. He originally attended his first Rotary meeting as an opportunity to network with other professionals, and quickly discovered that Rotary is about giving back: giving back to the community; giving back on an international level; giving of himself. He has chosen to accept the nomination of District Governor to share his passion and provide inspiration to his fellow Rotarians, so that together, they can help more and more people. Rotary has undertaken the job of irradiating polio from the world, and are very close to accomplishing that goal. Mark is also active in the community and serves on the board at the Edina Chamber of Commerce. Having served on various committees in the Chamber, Mark shares his time and energy binding together local business professionals and community leaders, bringing the two closer together in more focus. Mark grew up in the community of Edina, and his membership in these civic organizations allows him to stay connected to his roots and making an impact on the future. Mark is committed to his Fraternity. Both Mark and his managing partner Fred met at the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity in the early 80’s, and have been friends since. Some two decades later, they rallied together a group of alumni to pump life into a scholarship program for actives in the chapter today. They formed an annual golf tournament that has nearly a 100 in attendance each year. Mark is the perennial emcee of the event, and thousands of dollars are raised each year to help support the current active members at the University of Minnesota. Mark and his wife Colleen have two adult children, and have recently been blessed with two beautiful granddaughters. They love spending time with the kids, and he is known as “Papa Mark.” They say the cutest things, and the other day on his way out to work, his little two-year-old granddaughter said “Don’t take any wooden nickels!” You can’t buy that stuff! His family is planning a Disney vacation in a few years and can’t wait to see their favorite new heroes from “Frozen” and “Tangled” in person! Mark holds the AIF designation, Accredited Investment Fiduciary. As an AIF, Mark has the responsibility of a high standard of investment fiduciary care for his clients’ accounts and investments. His values include responsibility, excellence, integrity and knowledge, and those same values are embodied in the AIF. He is drawn towards the responsibility of building a portfolio that is suitable for his clients. To learn more, please visit Waterfront Financial Group specializes in financial planning and is passionate about helping clients develop plans that strategically seek to offer retirement income. Being able to provide an accountable, customized solution is what drives the company, and it is each team member’s responsibility to support this critical goal. Mark participates regularly and is a member in good standing in the MN Chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

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Let’s Chat

I'd love to meet with you over a cup of coffee to hear about any changes in your current financial situation. Call me at (952) 236-1755 or fill out the form below! I look forward to hearing from you! [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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