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Fred Borstad has been a financial advisor since 1993. He works with professionals, executives and business owners in the areas of fee-based financial planning, wealth management, insurance and estate planning. Fred is lead partner in Waterfront’s Corporate and Executive Benefits practice and the vice chair of the Waterfront Investment Committee. It is imperative that we remain diligent in our review of current and potential managers. As vice chairman of Waterfront Financial Group, Fred conducts due diligence on investment managers across all disciplines. He and his wife, Peggy, enjoy boating, volunteer work and attending their three daughters’ sporting events. Fred is also an avid biker and outdoor sports enthusiast.

When Life Insurance Becomes Taxable

Consider these facts on aging from the 2010 Census¹: The highest growth rate for a 10-year age group within the older population (age 65+) was for men 85 to 94 years old (+46.5 percent). Women in this age group grew by 22.9 percent. Men 90 to 94 years old had the fastest growth rate (+50.3 [...]

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Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

The common thread that runs through all small businesses, from professional services to manufacturing, is that a motivated workforce is central to your business’s success. Here are some quick, inexpensive, and potentially effective ways to motivate your employees and improve your employee retention. Weekly “Good News” Emails Too often the business day can be about [...]

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Estate Management 101

A will may be only one of the documents you need—and one factor to consider—when it comes to managing your estate. Do you have a will? Is it updated? Call me to discuss your legacy at (952) 236-1755 or fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you! [...]

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Apps That Help Achieve Goals

The gap between setting goals and achieving them can be difficult to bridge. To enhance the chances of achieving personal goals, reminders and motivation are essential; making a New Year’s resolution is simply not enough. A number of apps have been developed in recent years to help you pursue your goals and develop better life [...]

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The Business Cycle

What has upswings and downturns, troughs, peaks, and plateaus? Though such terms could easily describe a roller coaster ride, in fact they are commonly used to refer to something known as the business cycle. The business cycle — also known as the economic cycle — refers to fluctuations in economic activity over several months or [...]

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Insuring Your Business Against Cyber Liability

One survey found that 44% of small businesses have been a victim of a cyber-attack. And, unbeknownst to 75% of owners, business checking accounts are not protected when it comes to online hacking, unlike consumer accounts.¹ Business owners are also required to protect their customers’ personal information. In 47 states, and the District of Columbia, [...]

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When Does Your Personal Car Become a Commercial Vehicle?

For small business owners, the line between the personal and their business can be a bit hazy at times. Yet, when it comes to a vehicle that may be used for personal and business-related reasons, it’s important to know how your auto insurer is expected to define what constitutes commercial use. If you own a [...]

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Choosing a Business Structure

In 2014, about 569,000 new business were created.¹ All individuals pursuing the dream of exercising their entrepreneurial muscles, will face the same question, “Which business structure should I adopt?” Each option presents its own set of pros and cons. This overview is not intended as tax or legal advice and may not be used for [...]

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