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retirement vacationAt Waterfront Financial Group, we find that people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do a lifetime of retirement income.

We advise 401K plans with limited numbers of participants because we feel it is important to meet with each and every person individually.

retirement needsEach employee has specific needs and we help them plan for a successful retirement based on those needs.

We measure the success of a plan by whether the individual employee is going to have a successful retirement – that’s the Waterfront difference.

Contact us today to discuss your company’s 401K plan and learn how we can help guide you and your employees into a better future!



The Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation represents a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply industry recognized fiduciary practices. This means we have the ability to implement a prudent process in your retirement plans, as well as being able to assist in implementing proper policies and procedures. Waterfront Financial Group has two advisors, Fred Borstad and Mark Hegstrom, that hold this important designation.

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AIF Accreditation